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Creator: Mayra Holifit

I left the gym world in 2011, trusting my intuitive guidance leading me to ”get closer to nature.” Even though nature around us is key for a holistic approach to fitness, the most important aspect of the inspiration to get curious about nature has to do, first and foremost, with our individual nature. Finding our individual nature involves connecting with ourselves, which is what the Self Optimization Sanctuary (SOS) facilitates for each person willing to dive deep into their raw self, the one void of outside influences, the one coded in our cells and our heart.

Breaking old paradigms of fitness that need to have a trainer and instructor, or be in the company of a workout buddy or the community of the gym, the SOS is designed to nurture your athlete of life and be in that private space where ALL OF YOU can be present and indulged with deep listening and self-inspired activations.

My job is to assist you in trusting yourself to know that your body has all the information you need to grow, heal, regenerate, and provide all the answers you need. I will impart to you the tools necessary to self-soothe, self-heal and self-organize.