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I'm Mayra McCullough

I am a Holistic Environments Producer, Master Trainer, and Body Integration Specialist. I am here to inspire and empower you to take full responsibility for your well-being to attain wholeness daily.
Through many different modalities, I will help and support you down the path to holistic wellness. My holistic approach to fitness integrates you with your body and all of its components to become connected to yourself and the world. I focus on the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual while helping you create your holistic environment.
The goal is for you to become your practitioner of movement, and medicine specialist, and discover your ability to self-regulate and regenerate. I offer virtual one-on-one coaching as well as online programs where you can learn at your own pace. I am pleased to share all I’ve learned through a life dedicated to producing creative endeavors that integrate nature, fitness, and wellness. I lead by example and have an impact through authentic relationships. Each client’s journey to their heart’s desire is a new dance of observation, honest feedback, and loving support. Let’s flow with it and become Holi-Fit!
The whole thought of holistic awakening and nurturing is a major part of my journey right now. This experience couldn’t have come at a better time! Mayra is a cheerful soul with a lot to teach all of us. The holistic experience was physically, emotionally, and mentally liberating and regenerating! I feel connected with myself, grounded, and ready for my journey. Thank you Mayra for welcoming us and for offering us so much and this experience. Everyone should take time to work on the various aspects of self while connecting with all the elements.

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54 years of age and feeling like 32

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