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Mayra’s videos On-Demand offer Holistic Fitness videos and Holistic Lifestyle videos. Fitness includes various modalities of movement, which are different ways of exercising. Lifestyle includes various collections involving your personal practice, resource management, and tips on taking ownership of your health. Mayra’s holistic approach integrates the individual to their body, including all of its components: physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual. Become your own practitioner of movement, preventative medicine, self-regulation, and more!

About Me

54 years of age and feeling like 32

Holistic Environments Producer

One on One Coaching

Please contact me for more options (Possibilities are endless!)

Virtual Group Fit Classes

Learn how to do your Self Optimizarion Sanctuary session from the comfort of your own home!

Custom Group Workshops

Custom Group Workshops and Holsitic Fitness Experiences.