Step Into Your Flow!

Create Your Own Sacred Space

The hustle of life constantly pulls you away from spending time with yourself in an impactful way.
You find yourself in states of overwhelm, your nervous system is sensitive, and you feel you’re going in circles, trying to catch up with everything. For life to be fulfilling, having a healthy relationship with your body is required. Your body holds ALL you need to thrive if you give it what it needs. Your loving attention establishes the foundation for embarking on the most intimate and nurturing relationship with yourself. Your ability to thrive depends on this relationship. Mayra HoliFit’s Self Optimization Sanctuary is designed to facilitate this essential bond.

Join us for a 90 minute Mayra HoliFit experience

When you honor yourself enough to create a Self Optimization Sanctuary in a private place without distractions, your are taking action steps to love your body. You will be rewarded with timely insight, circulation that regenerates, oxygenation that revitalizes, and mobility that invigorates. When you allow the body to release stuck energy, joints, and thought patterns you will create more space for the body to self-regulate and bring you to a state of homeostasis: perfect balance. This 90 minute event will guide you to connect with your body and let it guide you through a movement session that meets your needs right where you are.

Here is the event’s flow:

10AM - Welcome by Mayra and one-minute check-ins: 10AM

● Name
● Location
● Your point of need: ie, health, financial stability, emotional pain, mental clarity, inspiration, romantic life, career path etc.

Mayra guides a collective heart-to-heart connection meditation to establish mutual support.

10:30 AM - Cameras turn off; all mute themselves and turn on their music

Meditation in Motion: Mayra guides the group through a movement session

11 AM - Group gathers again (Cameras ON)

● Reflect on what you received and write it down
● Share reflections
● Q&A
● Special announcement with a gift.

11:20 AM - Closing Meditation lead by Mayra

Are you ready to experience your own sacred space and intuitive movement?

Check out our Social Media Narrative throughout the month to get instructions on creating your Self Optimization Sanctuary before attending the event.

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